Sunday, June 12, 2011

Review: Demons Prefer Blonds by Sidney Ayers


Rafe Deleon is a senior demon and he resents like hell his assignment to Earth to retrieve the Chest of the Damned before it falls into the wrong hands. But then he meets beautiful, intriguing succubus Lucy Gregory and she's just unleashed a whole load of trouble...


Lucy's chic suburban beauty salon has suddenly become the Underworld's center of mass chaos and destruction. The only good thing in a day going rapidly down the tubes is the arrival of a gorgeous demon who's adamant that he can help her...

But Lucy has quite a few deeply unpleasant--not to mention deadly and hateful--surprises ahead of her, and surely there's never been a worse time to try out a new boyfriend... description taken from here.

It hit the shelves June 1st and checking amazon, I noticed that in paperback there are only 9 left at the moment!

When beautiful half-succubus Lucy Gregory's antique chest unleashes a Pandora's box of demonic activity in a suburban beauty salon, brooding demon Rafe arrives to run damage control.  He's darkly sexy and everything she's avoided- icy and reserved -but that only adds to his mysterious appeal.  Being a demon, he knows he should be able to resist Lucy's charms, but his resistance is slipping at the worst moment.  And Lucy has no idea of the power she possesses...

However, when an evil demon arrives to stake his claim, Rafe is determined to protect Lucy, who'd rather go into battle with guns blazing and daggers zinging.  Sparks fly as they fight their growing attraction, but will they admit they need each other before it's too late?  *description taken from Sourcebooks reviewer handout.*

Demons Prefer Blonds was really cute.  It was fun and entertaining, there weren't any boring parts.  I very much enjoyed it.  I'm sure you already read the bold print above, but as of right now there are only 9 paperback copies available to order on  You can get the Kindle edition, of course; as well as many other sellers and Sourcebooks themselves.  But I am pointing out amazon's sells to offer the fact that this book is selling fast!

**I was sent a copy of the book in order to write a real and honest review. I was not paid to write this review. All opinions are my own.**

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