Thursday, September 30, 2010

I need some ideas, any help??

If you haven't already heard, my friend post-it noted my car last week.  And, then, yesterday, I caught him in the act of trying to paint my windows with those car safe markers you use to write stuff like "for sale" or "go #44!". 

Well, I need to get him back!  I googled ideas and nothing really sounded good.  I don't want to do anything that would cause any damage or anything, just something funny.   Someone suggested that I get a Play Boy magamzine and cover his car with pictures of nude women.  I thought that was super funny, but it's also probably illegal since anyone could walk by and see the porn. 

My sister thinks I should stick a blow up doll in his car.  This was a funny idea too, but I'm not sure whether or not he leaves his windows down..

Anyways, do you guys have any ideas???  I really want to get him back!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mac Update

Hey guys

I just wanted to write up a quick post to let you know where you can get authentic MAC products for less.  You probably saw some older posts mentioning cheap wholesale sites (which I then posted and said they were fake).  Well, this site is for real.  They are not super cheap like the fake sites which sell fake MAC, but they are discounted, and when you buy in bulk like I do, the discount matters.

They sell all kinds of makeup brands for less.. MAC, Stilla, Urban Decay, Benefit, Bobby Brown, Chanel, L'Oreal, etc etc...

All Cosmetics Wholesale is the real deal.  Their MAC refils are only .01 cheaper, but they sell with PayPal (which you all know I prefer to use).  But, alot of their other products are a lot cheaper than in stores, so check it out. : )

We love tailgating with our friends

Thanks for the guest post by Jo Levy

One of the best parts about going to see a professional football game is tailgating before the game. We all wake up pretty early and call each other to make sure that we have everything that we need to make it a great day of tailgating and watching the game. My husband and I get so excited every time. We pack the car, put on our team jerseys, paint our faces, and head out the door. We always give each other a high-five as we are setting our ADT Home Alarm and locking up to leave. When we get to the arena parking lot you can always tell who our friends are. We fly flags from the top of our friend's truck, have balloons everywhere, coolers full of beer and ice, and the grill hot. There have been times where we have forgotten the plates and had to eat off of napkins. That did not hamper our day at all. We all just thought it was funny and have not forgotten them since. We are usually the life of every tailgating party. We have so much fun and look forward to it every time. It is a great time with our great friends that we wouldn't give up for the world.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family Antics with the Family Guy

Thanks for the post, Bernard Vasquez

What is funnier than watching the latest escapades of Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris, family dog Brian and the psychotic infant Stewie? Join the dysfunctional Griffin family as you tune into the The Family Guy on satellite TV packages in California. This fun-loving and say-anything television cartoon has had American families in stitches for eight seasons.

The show takes place in the fictional city of Quahog and follows the adventures of dimwitted Peter has he continually puts his family through the wringer through various adventures. Stewie, the family's infant, spends the first several seasons attempting to kill his mother Lois. The British speaking baby is known for his psychopath tendencies, his genius abilities, and his love for cynicism. Meg, the family's teenage daughter, struggles with an endless barrage of insults and mocking from the rest of her family as she yearns for male acceptance, experiments with lesbianism, and deals with growing up. Chris is the teenage son. He fights off advances by the elderly neighborhood pedophile, the killer monkey in his closet, and the constant misunderstanding from his clear lack of intelligence. Lois, the popular, attractive, wealthy wife is way beyond Peter, yet, she somehow adores him with all the love a wife can offer. The brains and glue of the family, Lois seems oblivious to the dysfunction and disarray of her family. Brian, the drinking, intelligent, and sometimes lonely family dog continually bails out members of the family he seems to love and hate with equal ferocity.

The show has had a long run and will continue to entertain and amuse countless cartoon fanatics with their crazy antics, underlying affection and hilarious adventures.


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Friday, September 24, 2010

It's the last day to enter in the Sin Undone giveaway!!  If you haven't already, enter now.  Or, if you have already entered, now is the time to make sure you did all of those extra entries I give you guys.

Malcolm in the Middle

Written by my friend Betty Walls

Malcolm in the Middle is a great show for teens. I watch this show all the time. It is one of my favorite sitcoms. I turn on direct tv oregon and sit back and get ready to laugh. In this show there are the parents and their four sons. They try to keep them out of trouble and teach them to do the right thing. The boys always have some kind of plan worked out to get something they want. They might trick the parents and sneak out at night. They do so much behind their parent's back. The funny thing is, they never get away with any of it. The parents always find out one way or another. The mom is named Lois, and she yells a lot. She is the parent that does most of the punishing. The kids usually fool the dad somehow. The dad acts more like a kid than a parent. He is always messing up something and trying to fix it before Lois finds out. This show is really funny and has some scenes that have more drama than anything. This is a great show for people of all ages.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

I got papered..

OhMyGoodness.  That is about all I can really say.  Haha when you see the picture, you will understand.  My friend decided to paper my car with about 1500 sticky notes (post-its) while I was in class today.  So, when I got out, I found a neon colored car. 

It was worse, at this point I had already took about have of the notes off the car (as you can see from the bare sided car.  LOL.  And, you can see on the windshelid it says "CALL".  The other day I forgot to call my mom and I she didn't like that very much.. so this is his way of a friendly reminder.  hahaha

This is all the paper after I tore it off my car.

If anything weird of funny has happened like this to you before, or maybe you did this to a friend, then post it because I want to hear about it. : )

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tagging along in Vegas

Guest post written by Tamara Hawkings

When my husband told me that his company's convention was going to be in Las Vegas this year, I was so excited and insisted on going with him. He agreed and I called up the wives of some of his coworkers and convinced them to go too so we could all spend time together when our husbands were in meetings.

When we were out shopping one day I was having a hard time hearing what the other ladies were talking about in the dressing rooms and then when we went to get some post-shopping drinks at the hotel bar I noticed that it was hard to hear them talking too. That kind of made me realize that I needed to do something about my hearing loss or it was going to start affecting my life.

So in the hotel when we were resting later that day I looked up hearing aids Columbia on my smart phone and made an appointment for when I get home.

This trip has been great and I can't wait to wear all of the stuff I bought here.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Review: Fake MAC Pigment

Friday, September 17, 2010

You might want to...

head over to Sexy Women Read to learn how to get 4 fast and easy extra entries for the Sin Undone giveaway!

Good luck, and remember, it ends on the 25th!!!!!

Natural & Healthly

Being healthy is important for everyone.  Even if you don't care about your own health all the time, the ones around you, you do care about.  Like, your kids, or your parents, grandparents, etc.  Maybe it's just your pet.  Whatever.  But, health is important.  And, the new thing (well, it's not that knew, but it is starting to mainstream) is organic and natural ways to keep and stay healthy.

Oasis Advanced Wellness is a company that sells all natural products.  They sell things like Oregano Oil, which they state on their site is full of vitamins and minerals as well as promoting digestive health.  They also sell Bio D-Mulsion, which is a vitamin D (according to the site).  Oasis says that one billion people are vitamin D deficent.  I know I probably am, because I hate staying in the sun for too long, and because of it, I don't get much viatmin D in my system.  Vitamin D is really important for the body (so says Doctor Oz).

Anyways, because so many people are health conconcoious, yet want everything to be natural, I wanted to share this with you.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Don't forget to enter in the Giveaway...

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to remind you if you have not yet, that there is still time to enter to win a copy of Larissa Ione's newest Demonica book, Sin Undone!

It was a GREAT book, so I hope you all enter to win.  Sadly, not everyone will win, but Hachette is going to give the lucky few their own copy.  So, I hope you are lucky : )

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Myrtle Beach

Right now I am a full time college student.  For me, that means waking up early all week long to commute to and from my college campus.  By the time the weekend rolls around, all I want to do is sleep, but my professors have other ideas when they are giving me a load of work to do.  I'm not complaining here, I love college, I really do. Honestly, I was going crazy over the summer break because I had nothing to do.  However, having a really busy schedule means that taking vacations are a wondrous thing when I get to take them. is a great website if you want to plan a vacation by the coast.  They help you find Myrtle Beach hotels, and, I'm sure if you ask them, they will tell you that they are Myrtle Beach best hotels.  The first thing I thought when I saw their website was 'Oh, wow'.  The picture of the resort does that to you.  It is simply breathtaking.  A huge, clean cut high rise building stands tall and proud in the middle of beautiful scenery.  On a higher outdoor level, a crystal clear pool sits waiting to be enjoyed by the whole family, or that sweet couple looking for a nice getaway.  The rooms have beautiful views as well, from what the pictures imply.

The website is one of the best I've seen in a while.  It is easy to navigate, clean cut and easy on the eyes.  The color scheme is calming, setting the feeling in you that you know you would have if you chose them on your vacation.  Plus, the website also helps you book and plan your golfing adventures as well!  Just think of it, after a nice, quiet, enjoyable round of golf, you can go back to your Myrtle Beach Resort and take a refreshing swim, or maybe even a nap before dinner!

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

B&B weekend

Guest post written by Esther Turner

My husband had been promising to go away on a long weekend together for almost ten months! So finally we figured out a weekend that worked out OK for both of us. Then we dropped the dog off at his sitter and drove about two hours out of town to a cozy little bed and breakfast inn that is in the mountains.

We ate a nice meal in a nearby restaurant and then took a stroll around the B&B we were talking about old times and how we met. I was going over silly little details and then he was disagreeing with me about the song that he used to propose to me but then we realized that he had misheard me and we were talking about the same song after all.

When we got back to the room I got on my smart phone, although we had agreed to spend time together instead of on our electronics, and I looked up Miracle Ear Hearing Aids.

Then when we got home after that weekend, we went and bought him some Miracle Ear invisible hearing aids. That kind of put a damper on our romantic weekend, but it's a good thing that we pointed that out then.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Review: Unexpected Treasures by Dr. Mikel Brown

 Unexpected Treasures gives you 72 motivational triggers to help strengthen you throughout periods of discouragement or mental collapses resulting from prolong battles with unpleasant incidents. Life cradles within its cavity unwelcomed challenges that we all must face without exception. Whether you are trying to get over a divorce, struggling with bankruptcy, battling drug and alcohol addition, depression, or you are experiencing the lack of passion to simply live your dream, Unexpected Treasures will not only inspire you to delve deep within yourself for answers, but will give you the strategies to overcome and ignite the passion in your life once again. We were all created with intrinsic gifts and talents despite a person s apparent disadvantage(s). Unexpected Treasures will clearly illustrate how you can: Unexpected Treasures will undeniably inspire you to overcome the obstacles and roadblocks that are designed to zap the life out of you. After reading just a few chapters of this book, you will look to inform all your friends on the dynamics of how this book has changed your life.  description taken from here.

The book is written in 72 brief chapters, each one touching on the "72 ways to uncover your hidden wealth".  Dr. Brown helps you to "discover money in unlikely places" and to "make the right business decisions".  Brown, as well as writing books to help people, also offers seminars. 

I feel like the book doesn't offer too much help because of the fact he is so brief on the 72 chapters.  It certainly could have been longer, the book standing at a lonely 232 pages.  He does say point you in the direction of thinking that every problem and question created (brought up in this book) can be corrected or answered by you (the reader).  Brown just keeps stating to "look within".  In my opinion, however, if we need help (because we think we do if we obviously picked up this book) then don't you think we have "looked within" for answers and help in the past?  If this is so, then don't you think a bit more than "look within" is needed in order to help with the problems?

**I received this book for free in order to properly review it.  I did not get paid.  All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.**


I found this website called Online Casinos Planet, and it is pretty helpful for anyone who likes or wants to go to casinos.  They list just about every casino in the world (there are a lot!)  and not just for the US either.  They list them for the United Kingdom, Canada, Norway, France, Ireland, Hong Kong, etc, etc.  I think this is really cool because everyone can use it.  I know my readers are not all from the US, and so many websites cator to just one area.  But, this website can be used by just about anyone.

They also have a (shorter) list of the best online casinos that they recommend.  And, they post information about the lastest news in the different casinos around the world.  Online Casinos Planet also offers videos that can be watched of the different things seen and/or featured in different casinos.  Free games and tips are offered as well.

I even found the casino that I go to with my family (the huge buffet is my favorite part!).

**This is a sponsored post.  I did receive a small fee for posting this.  All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.**

Monday, September 6, 2010

The National Geographic Channel is the channel to watch

This guest post from Hong Alexander

When most people thing of National Geographic, they may think of the old magazines with giraffes on them or the magazines that you were made to read in school. I am here to say, that was then. The National Geographic Channel has to be one of the best educational and entertaining channels I have ever had the pleasure to watch. There is always something good on.

I like to snuggle up on my couch with a nice, cozy blanket and watch National Geographic on satellite tv, which I got through some great direct tv packages in Mississippi. They have shows on that hunt for Somali Pirates, shows on recent disasters like Hurricane Katrina, devastating shows on earthquakes, and so much more. Yes you will get the occasional fish program or monkeys running wild in India but most of the programming really opens up your eyes to what is going on in the world. Actually the program about the monkeys running wild in India was pretty funny! Imagine walking down the street and seeing a bunch of monkeys trying to steal bananas out of the local markets!

If you want a great educational experience, The National Geographic Channel has my vote. I give it two thumbs up. If you have a book report that is due or just want to learn something new, tune in and see what's going on. You'll be pleasantly surprised!

**This is a sponsored guest post.  I did receive a small fee for posting this.  All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.**


I did a post about a week or so ago about this great new site I found that sells MAC makeup at low wholesale prices. 


The makeup, brushes, etc., they sell are all FAKE MAC products.  They are NOT MAC, they are cheap replicas of MAC products. 

I have not bought from them, thankfully.  I was waiting a few weeks until my excitment died down and I could think straight on what I was going to buy in stead of going hog wild.  Good thing, huh?

The products might be ok to use, some people (from YouTube) have done reviews on the fake MAC and said they work just fine.  Others say how awful they are.  I don't know from personal experience how well they work.

Be Careful!

There are sellers on eBay saying the makeup is real.  Some of it is, some of it is NOT.  I found some great videos on YouTube that is really helpful for detecting whether or not the products are fake.

Here are the links to the videos I found most helpful:

Websites that are selling FAKE MAC:

My Opinion of the whole thing...

We all know stealing a name is wrong.  I am not sure how the make up works.   Like I said above, some people say they are great, others say they are not.  I will probably buy some just to see if they are good or not.  Actually, I do have 1 fake MAC eyeshadow.  I thought it was real, but it isn't.  It's a pressed single in the color Patina.  I actually really like it, the color pay off is really good, and I got it for only $1.  (This was on eBay.)

I am going to get some of the brushes just because they are such a great deal.  However, I am only going to be buying from the sites that allow a return for full money back garentee.  I asked they DO NOT allow returns unless the product broke in the mail. DOES allow returns with no restocking fee.  I might buy them from them... They don't offer PayPal though, so I'm not sure. 

So, yes, stealing names is a bad thing to do.  Don't do it.  That said, I don't care if they are real or not as long as they are good.  I will probaby get some and do a review.  We'll see.  If you want to see more reviews on YouTube (from other people) I can leave links, so just let me know in the comments below and I'll find the best links.

REAL MAC wholesalers:


The Paula Quinn giveaway has ended and winners have been chosen.  For any questions, please refer to the FAQ page before contacting K & K's.


Congrats to all of the winners, I already emailed you.  You have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.  Congrats and thanks to Hachette for sponsoring the giveaway!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Don't forget to enter + extra entries

in the Paula Quinn giveaway for your chance to win a copy of Seduced by a Highlander.  The giveaway ends tomorrow so if you have not entered already an you still want to, there is time. 

Remember, 5 lucky people are going to win a copy.  One of those 5 people could be you, but only if you enter.  For 2 extra entries in the Paula Quinn giveaway only, comment on the giveaway page with the answer to this question:

If you were going to go to Scotland in search of your prince charming, what type of approach would you use to find and win over your highlander?

Don't forget, the giveaway ends tomorrow, so enter now or forever wonder if you could have won.

Pop Up Displays

I'm sure some of you have never heard of pop up displays before, because before this, I have never heard of them.  If I haven't heard of them, chances are at least one of you haven't either (at least, that's my theory).  Pop up displays, or pop up booths, are large portable display walls.  The fold and open up like an EZ UP canopy, according to  You can get pop up trade show displays in different shapes and sizes, and you can also choose to either add your graphics to them, or order them with graphics already ready for your displaying needs.  Personally, I think that is pretty cool.

Trade show pop ups  come in a case (and here is the cool part) you can use the case as a podium if you want or need one.  The displays can be used just about anywhere, for example, they can be used at trade shows, events, job fairs, retail stores, etc.  There is no limiting to what you can use a pop up display for.  Bubble kits and 3D displays are also available and can be used.  Table top pop ups are available for those who cannot afford the pricer pop ups and are built in a smaller version.  Graphic "skins" are also available, and you can velcro your additional graphics to the skins for a polished display.

**This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.  I did receive a small fee for posting this.**

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Flirt! Cosmetics

My mom and I went to Khols today to do some shopping.  They were having a good promotion going on and we had 3 $10 gift cards.  I ended up in the makeup section (because we all know I'm obsessed..).  Khols' makeup section is small, but you can try on their products, which I love. 

They carry the brand Flirt!  and Khols is the only store I have ever seen to carry it in case you were wondering.  I got a new lipstick (normally $12) on sale for $10 and some change.  With my $10 off card, I ended up getting it for 83 cents.  I was excited!

I got the shade "Poppy".

It is a very pretty pink, almost coral-ly with a high sheen and some sparkle to it.  It goes on really smooth and feels hydrating (which I love because most lip sticks don't feel hydrating for me, they feel like they are making my lips look prune-y unless I put gloss over it.)

Anyways, I just thought I would let you girlies know about the cosmetic line in case you haven't heard of it before, or if you were wondering if the line was any good.  I have not tried any of the other Flirt! products, but if you go to your local Khols store, you can try on anything you want before you buy.  : )

Friday, September 3, 2010

Having a little fun...

Here is a short video of my dogs playing with my dad's mini sheep.  The big dog is Lucy and the small one is Tinker.  The sheep's names are:  Brom, Nelly, Riley and Sugar.   I'd tell you which ones are which, but the video is short and you really can't differentiate.    The song playing is Joan Jett's Bad Reputation.

Chain-of-Friends Contest

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hampton Hotels. All opinions are 100% mine.

Click Here

Have you guys heard of the Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes?  The grand prize is awesome and I'm sure just about everyone would love to win.  The grand prize winner receives a free stay for themselves and 100 of their friends at a Hampton for one weekend (2 nights!) plus $5000 to help pay the tax for the weekend.  Isn't that one crazy awesome prize??

I don't have anywhere close to 100 friends, so I would probably just start handing out invites to all the hot guys walking around my campus.  Haha, I'm just kidding.. maybe..  Who would you invite if you won the sweepstakes?  Would you invite your crazy cousins that pull pranks?  All of your extended family members for a huge reunion party?  Maybe you were in the army and you want to have a big get together with the guys and show off your wives now that your home.

Whoever you invite, can you imagine how much fun you could have with 100 people staying at one hotel?  That would be some crazy fun!  And, everyone can enter in the sweepstakes.  You do not have to have previously stayed at a Hampton, and you do not have to be a Hilton honor member in order to enter.

And, while the grand prize is awesome, 100 aditional winners will also be chosen to receive a free weekend stay at one of the Hamptons for themselves and 3 friends.

Entering is very easy and only takes about one minute.

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Visit my sponsor: Chain-of-Friends Grand Prize

Yay It's Friday!

My college started back up this week, and it's been a long-ish week for me.  At some points, I felt like it lasted forever, and some parts felt super quick.  And, now I'm so happy it's Friday!  I just got out of class an hour or so ago and now I can just lounge around.  I do have homework, but at least I don't have to wake up early to do that, right?  Haha : )

How was your week?  Did it go well or not so good?  Did a hot firemen sweep you off your feet at some point, or did you spend quiet time with Grey's Anatomy?  Let me know  and have a great weekend : )

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Almost everyone watches TV.  Children watch their cartoons, toddlers watch Barney, teenagers watch The Real World and adults watch it all.  It used to be 'cable or no cable' where televisions were concerned.  Now a days, however, is a different story. 

Sure, you can still have your 'cable or no cable', but you can also have a television working via dish, local tv satellite, etc.  There are just so many options!  Then, it's 'what package do I want to get' and 'what package can I afford?' 

Direct TV is a name you have probably heard before.  Maybe you know someone who uses their services, maybe that person is you, or maybe you just saw one of their advertisements.  Well, Direct TV is a partner with  Because of this, I feel like I can trust them and their services to know that they do, and offer,  a good job. 

You can check out to see for yourself the packages they offer and how you can get free HD for life.

**This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.  I did receive a small fee for posting this.**