Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Review: Movie: Alvin and the Chipmonks- the squeakquel

    I went and saw this yesterday with my family at the movies and it was so cute!  It is definetly a movie the kids will love!
    Justin Long, Jessie McCartney, Anna Faris, and Christina Applegate are just a few of the stars that star in the movie.
     If you have seen the 1st Alvin and the Chipmonks movie then you know how cute it can be.  But, in this movie the Chipettes make their debut!  Songs such as "We are Family", "Single Ladies" and "Hot and Cold" are featured in the movie.
    The Squeakquel is rated PG for mild rude humor. 
    The Chipmonks are already famous, right?  So, what's going to happen in this movie?  Well... Dave gets hurt, so while he's away in the hospital, he sends the boys to school so they can have a normal childhood.  Then they learn that the school's music program is going to be shut down due to budget cuts, but the boys can save the music program if they win the talent show.
     That's when the Chipettes come in.  They want to be famous too and hang out with the Chipmonks, but Ethan has other plans for them.  (Don't remember Ethan?  He's the bad guy- the music producer who threw Alvin and gang in a cage in the 1st movie)  Wanting to get back at the Chipmonks, Ethan sends the girls to school too, so that they can kick the boys out of their spot in the talent show (Ethan's plan to get the girl's famous). 
     A couple songs later, and some quick thinking thanks to Alvin, the movie is at it's end.  This was a really cute film, you should make sure the kids in your family get to see it sometime!

**No one paid me for this post.  It was written of my own will to share with you all what I thought of this movie.**

Review: Green Day: 21st Century Breakdown CD

      I'm sure everyone has heard of Green Day.  They just came out with their long awaited 8th album titled 21st Century Breakdown.
      A few songs, such as Know your enemy and 21 guns have been playing on the radio for a bit now.  Unfortuntly, those are about the best songs on the album. 
    21st Century Breakdown is explicit!  It comes with a second CD which has 6 "bonus songs" (American Idiot, Jesus of Suburbia, Holiday, Are we the waiting, St. Jimmy, and Boulevard of Broken Dreams)
    To me, this particular Green Day CD seems a bit sad...  It isn't as upbeat and fun to listen to as the past CDs they have put out.

List of songs on 21st Century Breakdown:
1) Song of the Century
Act I- Heros and Cons
2) 21st Century Breakdown
3) Know your enemy
4) Viva La Gloria!
5) Before the Labotomy
6) Christian's Inferno
7) Last Night on Earth
Act II- Charlatans and Saints
8) East Jesus Nowhere
9) Peacemaker
10) Last of the American Girls
11) Murder City
12) Viva La Gloria? (little girl)
13) Restless Heart Syndrome
Act III- Horseshoes and Handgrenades
14) Horseshoes and Handgrenades
15) The Static Age
16) 21 Guns
17) American Eulogy
     A. Mass Hysteria
     B. Modern World
18) See the Light

***I am a past Green Day fan.  I like all kinds of music which includes: jazz, rock, opera, screamo, alternative, some country, and some rap.  In no way is my post biased to this genre of music.***

**I was not paid for this post.  The CD reviewed was purchased by me.  I have posted the review of my own will and want to share with you my opinion.**

Review: Movie: 9

     9 is a production thanks to Tim Burton.  Elijah Wood, John C. Reilly, and Jennifer Connelly, among others, are voices in the movie. 
     It is rated PG-13 for scary images and violence, but is ultimatly made for children.  (My [scardy cat] 9 year old sister saw it and she was fine.)
     9 is around 79 minutes long.  I watched it with my family, and, I must say, it was filled with action, and, even though it was animated, it was throughly entertaining to everyone.

    The movie is titled 9 for the nine dolls that star in the movie.  9 is the newest doll to come to life, and the last.  A war had broken out between humans and machines, the machines won.  Nothing but machines and these 9 dolls now occupied Earth.  It is up to the dolls to save Earth from these machines so that life can go on.
     Of course, the dolls end up saving the world, this is a children's movie after all, but the action leading up to the saving of the world is good.   Overall, this was a good family movie and shouldn't scare too many little ones.

**The movie reviewed in this post was rented by my family.  I was not paid for this post.  I posted this review at my own will and want to share my opinion.**

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to you, from me.
Spend time with family,
Eat some goodies,
and open some presents!

(Reviews will start back up after the holidays, sorry for being behind in reviews!)

Have a happy holiday everyone!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Review: Michael Buble's new album "Crazy Love"

      Michael Buble has an extrodinary voice!  It's very smooth, and it seems effortless for him.  I love his older albums, they are pure magic, so, of course, I had to get his new CD, Crazy Love
     I'm not gonna lie, at first, I didn't care for it.  It was too mainstream for me.  His other music was more old-school jazz and this CD seemed more to fall into the pop catagory for me.  But, I had it playing on my iPod and, it was inevitable, I fell hard for it. 
     My favorite song on Crazy Love is Haven't Met You Yet.  It's very upbeat and fun!  I just love it!  But, his whole album is very good, and I would definetly recommend it. 
    P.S. It would make a cool stocking stuffer!

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**I purchased the CD reviewed.  I did not get paid for this review.  I posted the review at my own will and want to share with you my opinion.**

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Review: New Moon: The Movie

     I went to go see New Moon the other day at my local theater.   I had seen Twilight, as well, the previous November, and, I thought New Moon was much better.
  •      The effects were much better.  (Their feet actually touched the ground when they were running!) 
  • It didn't seem as rushed as Twilight did. 
  • They didn't pull cheesy lines from the book to make the crazed fan-girls happy.
  • Bella's (Stewert) acting was much better.  (With Launter she is an actor, with Pattinson she is a eye-batting, stuttering little school girl)

           Things that were not appealing:

  • Edward's (Pattinson) makeup sometimes made his eyes very red looking, which had an unattractive effect.
  • The better actors (Reed, Facinelli, Reaser, etc) have small rolls.
  • For people not into the romance factor of the movie, there was not much action to hold their attention.

      I thought it was much better than the first movie, but you'll never know unless you see it!  Either way, I'm hoping there will be a good director for the third enstallment of the Twilight Saga, Eclipse, since New Moon's director, Chris Weitz won't be available due to "schedualing conflicts".

      Has anyone else seen the movie?  If so, leave your comments below telling me what you thought about it.

**I was not paid for this post.  I have posted the review at my own will and want to share my opinion.**

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

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So, what do you have to lose?  Try them out today!

**I was not paid for this post.  The post has been posted of my own will and want to share with you a website that I enjoy using, and my opinion of it.**