Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Review: Movie: Alvin and the Chipmonks- the squeakquel

    I went and saw this yesterday with my family at the movies and it was so cute!  It is definetly a movie the kids will love!
    Justin Long, Jessie McCartney, Anna Faris, and Christina Applegate are just a few of the stars that star in the movie.
     If you have seen the 1st Alvin and the Chipmonks movie then you know how cute it can be.  But, in this movie the Chipettes make their debut!  Songs such as "We are Family", "Single Ladies" and "Hot and Cold" are featured in the movie.
    The Squeakquel is rated PG for mild rude humor. 
    The Chipmonks are already famous, right?  So, what's going to happen in this movie?  Well... Dave gets hurt, so while he's away in the hospital, he sends the boys to school so they can have a normal childhood.  Then they learn that the school's music program is going to be shut down due to budget cuts, but the boys can save the music program if they win the talent show.
     That's when the Chipettes come in.  They want to be famous too and hang out with the Chipmonks, but Ethan has other plans for them.  (Don't remember Ethan?  He's the bad guy- the music producer who threw Alvin and gang in a cage in the 1st movie)  Wanting to get back at the Chipmonks, Ethan sends the girls to school too, so that they can kick the boys out of their spot in the talent show (Ethan's plan to get the girl's famous). 
     A couple songs later, and some quick thinking thanks to Alvin, the movie is at it's end.  This was a really cute film, you should make sure the kids in your family get to see it sometime!

**No one paid me for this post.  It was written of my own will to share with you all what I thought of this movie.**

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