Thursday, December 17, 2009

Review: New Moon: The Movie

     I went to go see New Moon the other day at my local theater.   I had seen Twilight, as well, the previous November, and, I thought New Moon was much better.
  •      The effects were much better.  (Their feet actually touched the ground when they were running!) 
  • It didn't seem as rushed as Twilight did. 
  • They didn't pull cheesy lines from the book to make the crazed fan-girls happy.
  • Bella's (Stewert) acting was much better.  (With Launter she is an actor, with Pattinson she is a eye-batting, stuttering little school girl)

           Things that were not appealing:

  • Edward's (Pattinson) makeup sometimes made his eyes very red looking, which had an unattractive effect.
  • The better actors (Reed, Facinelli, Reaser, etc) have small rolls.
  • For people not into the romance factor of the movie, there was not much action to hold their attention.

      I thought it was much better than the first movie, but you'll never know unless you see it!  Either way, I'm hoping there will be a good director for the third enstallment of the Twilight Saga, Eclipse, since New Moon's director, Chris Weitz won't be available due to "schedualing conflicts".

      Has anyone else seen the movie?  If so, leave your comments below telling me what you thought about it.

**I was not paid for this post.  I have posted the review at my own will and want to share my opinion.**

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