Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tagging along in Vegas

Guest post written by Tamara Hawkings

When my husband told me that his company's convention was going to be in Las Vegas this year, I was so excited and insisted on going with him. He agreed and I called up the wives of some of his coworkers and convinced them to go too so we could all spend time together when our husbands were in meetings.

When we were out shopping one day I was having a hard time hearing what the other ladies were talking about in the dressing rooms and then when we went to get some post-shopping drinks at the hotel bar I noticed that it was hard to hear them talking too. That kind of made me realize that I needed to do something about my hearing loss or it was going to start affecting my life.

So in the hotel when we were resting later that day I looked up hearing aids Columbia on my smart phone and made an appointment for when I get home.

This trip has been great and I can't wait to wear all of the stuff I bought here.

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