Sunday, September 12, 2010

Myrtle Beach

Right now I am a full time college student.  For me, that means waking up early all week long to commute to and from my college campus.  By the time the weekend rolls around, all I want to do is sleep, but my professors have other ideas when they are giving me a load of work to do.  I'm not complaining here, I love college, I really do. Honestly, I was going crazy over the summer break because I had nothing to do.  However, having a really busy schedule means that taking vacations are a wondrous thing when I get to take them. is a great website if you want to plan a vacation by the coast.  They help you find Myrtle Beach hotels, and, I'm sure if you ask them, they will tell you that they are Myrtle Beach best hotels.  The first thing I thought when I saw their website was 'Oh, wow'.  The picture of the resort does that to you.  It is simply breathtaking.  A huge, clean cut high rise building stands tall and proud in the middle of beautiful scenery.  On a higher outdoor level, a crystal clear pool sits waiting to be enjoyed by the whole family, or that sweet couple looking for a nice getaway.  The rooms have beautiful views as well, from what the pictures imply.

The website is one of the best I've seen in a while.  It is easy to navigate, clean cut and easy on the eyes.  The color scheme is calming, setting the feeling in you that you know you would have if you chose them on your vacation.  Plus, the website also helps you book and plan your golfing adventures as well!  Just think of it, after a nice, quiet, enjoyable round of golf, you can go back to your Myrtle Beach Resort and take a refreshing swim, or maybe even a nap before dinner!

**This is a sponsored post. I have not used the sponsored's services.  I did receive a small fee for posting this.  All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.**

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