Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Review: Unexpected Treasures by Dr. Mikel Brown

 Unexpected Treasures gives you 72 motivational triggers to help strengthen you throughout periods of discouragement or mental collapses resulting from prolong battles with unpleasant incidents. Life cradles within its cavity unwelcomed challenges that we all must face without exception. Whether you are trying to get over a divorce, struggling with bankruptcy, battling drug and alcohol addition, depression, or you are experiencing the lack of passion to simply live your dream, Unexpected Treasures will not only inspire you to delve deep within yourself for answers, but will give you the strategies to overcome and ignite the passion in your life once again. We were all created with intrinsic gifts and talents despite a person s apparent disadvantage(s). Unexpected Treasures will clearly illustrate how you can: Unexpected Treasures will undeniably inspire you to overcome the obstacles and roadblocks that are designed to zap the life out of you. After reading just a few chapters of this book, you will look to inform all your friends on the dynamics of how this book has changed your life.  description taken from here.

The book is written in 72 brief chapters, each one touching on the "72 ways to uncover your hidden wealth".  Dr. Brown helps you to "discover money in unlikely places" and to "make the right business decisions".  Brown, as well as writing books to help people, also offers seminars. 

I feel like the book doesn't offer too much help because of the fact he is so brief on the 72 chapters.  It certainly could have been longer, the book standing at a lonely 232 pages.  He does say point you in the direction of thinking that every problem and question created (brought up in this book) can be corrected or answered by you (the reader).  Brown just keeps stating to "look within".  In my opinion, however, if we need help (because we think we do if we obviously picked up this book) then don't you think we have "looked within" for answers and help in the past?  If this is so, then don't you think a bit more than "look within" is needed in order to help with the problems?

**I received this book for free in order to properly review it.  I did not get paid.  All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.**

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