Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family Antics with the Family Guy

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What is funnier than watching the latest escapades of Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris, family dog Brian and the psychotic infant Stewie? Join the dysfunctional Griffin family as you tune into the The Family Guy on satellite TV packages in California. This fun-loving and say-anything television cartoon has had American families in stitches for eight seasons.

The show takes place in the fictional city of Quahog and follows the adventures of dimwitted Peter has he continually puts his family through the wringer through various adventures. Stewie, the family's infant, spends the first several seasons attempting to kill his mother Lois. The British speaking baby is known for his psychopath tendencies, his genius abilities, and his love for cynicism. Meg, the family's teenage daughter, struggles with an endless barrage of insults and mocking from the rest of her family as she yearns for male acceptance, experiments with lesbianism, and deals with growing up. Chris is the teenage son. He fights off advances by the elderly neighborhood pedophile, the killer monkey in his closet, and the constant misunderstanding from his clear lack of intelligence. Lois, the popular, attractive, wealthy wife is way beyond Peter, yet, she somehow adores him with all the love a wife can offer. The brains and glue of the family, Lois seems oblivious to the dysfunction and disarray of her family. Brian, the drinking, intelligent, and sometimes lonely family dog continually bails out members of the family he seems to love and hate with equal ferocity.

The show has had a long run and will continue to entertain and amuse countless cartoon fanatics with their crazy antics, underlying affection and hilarious adventures.


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