Thursday, September 23, 2010

I got papered..

OhMyGoodness.  That is about all I can really say.  Haha when you see the picture, you will understand.  My friend decided to paper my car with about 1500 sticky notes (post-its) while I was in class today.  So, when I got out, I found a neon colored car. 

It was worse, at this point I had already took about have of the notes off the car (as you can see from the bare sided car.  LOL.  And, you can see on the windshelid it says "CALL".  The other day I forgot to call my mom and I she didn't like that very much.. so this is his way of a friendly reminder.  hahaha

This is all the paper after I tore it off my car.

If anything weird of funny has happened like this to you before, or maybe you did this to a friend, then post it because I want to hear about it. : )


Elie said...

OMG, that must have taken hours.

CallMeKayla said...

Yeah, he told me it took him about 2 hours and I belive him, my car was covered!!