Sunday, June 13, 2010

Review: Leap Year movie

My family rented Leap Year the other day and I just got around to watching yesterday.  I was laughing my head off!  It was super funny, adorable, and yet, it wasn't cheesy like some romantic comedies are.

I really enjoyed it.  I don't buy movies a lot, but this is one movie I will be buying.  I watched it eariler in the day by myself.  Then, in the evening my family was watching it so I was sitting with them.  I laughed at the same parts (even though I knew what was going to happen), ahh-ed at the same parts, and loved it like it was the first time I watched it.

Leap Year is about a woman (Amy Adams) who has been going with her boyfriend for 4 years.  She wants to get married, but, when he doesn't propose to her before leaving to Ireland for a confrence, she decides to go to the old country herself and ask him.  She gets lost along the way, and a gorgeous Irish man (Matthew Goode) agrees to help her out (so he can save his bar with the money he will be getting from helping her out).  The two do not get along at all!  (Which only makes the movie that more funny.) 

I really loved this movie, as you can tell.  I enjoy romantic comendies and chick flicks, but this was just exceptional.  It came out January 8th, so you can rent it (or Redbox it) now. :]

**I bought this product of my own will. No one paid me for this post. I am posting it at my own wish with my real and honest opinion. All opinions are my own, unless otherwise stated.**

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