Friday, June 4, 2010


Have you ever used  Swagbucks is a site where, just by using their search engine, you accumulate points (called Swag Bucks) which can be used to "buy" items (video games, autographs, giftcards, iphones, etc.) from their Swag Store!  I love using their site.  So far I have gotten a giftcard to a great local resteraunt, over $50 in giftcards, and an autographed band poster.  Swagbucks is awesome!

And, on Monday, Swagbucks is having a Swag Code Extravaganza!  (Swag codes are codes that you can submit in order to get swag bucks.)  There will be at least 5 codes released on Monday!

Plus, each day next week Swagbucks will be highlighting a different high value Swag Buck bill, starting on Monday with the 25. Every 7th searching win on Swagbucks will be awarded that big bill, meaning that more people will have big wins next week!

If you sign up right now with this link, you can get an extra 20 swag bucks when you enter this code: SUMMEROFSWAG

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joder said...

Yes Kayla, SB is a great site. I've gotten many Amazon g.c. but don't have much luck getting the codes in on time to get extra bucks. Such an easy and reliable site that more people should sign up for.