Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Review: PurePalette

Pure Palette carries a wide range of scented homemade candles.  They carry bakery scented candles, citrus scented candles, flower and fruit scented candles and even coffee scented candles.  Their candles are made out of natural soybean wax and burn clean with a burn time from anywhere of 20-25 hours.  Pure Palette candles are made by Pure Palette's owner, Usa.  Usa's candles are going to be featured in the Sacramento Wedding Magazine.

Usa sent me a Pineapple Scented Soybean Candle to review.  I was excited to review this, as I love candles.  You can ask my family, I own way too many candles.  I think I'm covered for at least 7 years with the amount I bought a few years back.  I just prefer candles over regular electrical lighting.  Anyways, the candle I recieved has a burn time of 20-25 hours and is only $6.  It comes in a cute brown carboard box with stickers on it declaring it comes from Pure Palette.

 The Pure Palette candle I got smells so good!  I love the fact that it burns clean and evenly.  It comes in a small metal tin with a nice lid, and just like all candles, Pure Palette comes with warning labels.   Everyone should know not to burn candles around small children, let children burn candles on their own, or leave candles to burn on their own.  A candle should burn only when an adult is present to keep watch on the flame.  Do not burn a candle near anything flamable, and watch out with the flames when pets are near as well.

If you want to purchase your own Pure Palette candle, you can get them here.

**I received a complementary sample of this product in order to write a real and honest review. I did not get paid for this post.**

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