Friday, October 29, 2010

Review: EcoStore

I was lucky enough to be able to be contacted to review for  They carry products that have *No Nasty Chemicals and are eco friendly. 

Going green is a huge thing for many people and I know a lot of moms are very concerned with only having green products or using green products around the home because of the fact that they don't want their children around the harsh chemicals that are in most products and items around the home.

Personally, I think going green in great, so I was pretty excited when I found out I could try out a few of their products for a review.  I got to choose 2 items from the EcoStore site.  I chose the Eco4Pets dog shampoo and a bottle of hand wash.

First the pet shampoo.  I received the shampoo in the scent "Herbal Fresh".  It is a 12 fl. oz. bottle made of a sturdy plastic with a nice squirt cap.  The Eco site says that the shampoo is mild enough for frequent use and that it is safe for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens over the age of 6 weeks.  I have 2 dogs that were nice and dirty and very in need of a bath, so I was more than happy to test out this shampoo.  The shampoo smells really good, which I was a bit surprised at because all of the eco friendly products I have tried in the past (NOT from this particular website) have not.  The shampoo was a nice consistency as well, not too thick but not running out of the bottle either, and, it created a great lather!  My dog's coats were super soft after they had their baths.  They still smelled like a wet dog, but that cannot be helped no matter what shampoo you use.  But, they were very clean and pretty afterwards. : )  Now, because I have 2 dogs, I used quite a bit of shampoo (and I have a big dog so I need to use a lot to cover her..) However, I would say there is as least 8-10 washes in this bottle (4-5 for me because I have the 2 dogs).

Next, the hand soap.  The soap is $5.49 for a 8.5 fl. oz. bottle.  The bottle is made of a sturdy plastic with a nice spout top.  I received the hand soap in the scent Coconut and Vanilla.  These are my two favorite scents so I was very excited to get my soap and smell the two combine.  Unfortunately, the soap smells nothing like coconut or vanilla or a mixture of the two.  Instead, to me, I think it smells kind of like Elmer's Glue.  My friend says it smells like an unscented lotion (the ones that still have a slight smell).  Whatever it smells like, we both agreed that it is not the best smelling.  Now when you wash your hands, the soap does not suds.  At all.  I felt like I had just put lotion on my hands then was attempting to rub it off with water only.  I mean, my hands looked clean afterwards, but they just felt unclean because of the fact there were no suds and no scent left behind.  I did find something I like the soap for however, cleaning my makeup brushes.  It is not harsh at all, and it cleans my brushes more thoroughly than the soap I had used previously for my brushes.

EcoStore USA offers a nice variety of products, and their prices are very reasonable.  If you are a green person, it might be worth checking out.  I really liked the pet shampoo even though I'm a bit iffy whether or not I would personally buy the hand soap.  The site is clean and easy to navigate and you might enjoy the products offered.

**I did not get paid for this review.  I received the products mentioned free of charge in order to write a real and honest review.  All opinions are 100% my own unless otherwise stated.**

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