Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Flashback in Time

Guest posting by Logan Carson

Last night I watched one of the funniest movies I think I have ever seen. Hot Tub Time Machine was a new movie that I found on cannonsatellite.com. After watching the promo for it, I had to order it and I was not disappointed. The movie is about four people who get into a hot tub that takes them back in time to the 80’s. One of the people is only 21 years old so he was not even born during that time but it was funny watching him. He was in an environment that he knew nothing about and it made for some really funny scenes in the movie. Also in the movie was Chevy Chase playing the man trying to fix the time machine so the four men could get back to the present day. While this movie is a fun comedy movie, it should be noted that it is not one for children. I was thinking about ordering this when my little cousin came to visit and I am glad that I watched it with people in my age group. It is not exactly age appropriate for the younger crowd. It does have some mild nudity and crude language and subject matter and some sexual situations. I found it a funny movie and would watch it again.

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