Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Review: At Home With Laurie Ann

     At Home With Laurie Ann is a big book.  I was seriously amazed, when I recieved my copy to review in the mail, over how heavy the book is!  With 224 pages, and 204 beautiful pictures, it is an impressively put together book over how to decorate your home.
    I have not had my mother read this book yet, but I will make her!  She has a lot of ideas on how she wants to put her house together, but her ideas are much like a puzzle.. She hasn't put them together yet.  I think this will be a great book for anyone who needs a bit of help making their living space both cozy yet sophisticated.
    Laurie Ann's book let's you start out with the pieces you already own. This is great for those on a budget! Shifting your furniture around can really make a difference. Laurie talks about adding unexpected colors and using pieces that, while looking expensive, are actually thrifty!

    At Home With Laurie Ann has some great tips on how to balance the furniture and accessories in a room, what colors to use, and many more great tips on how to make your house look like a home. For example, Laurie says that if you cannot afford to buy new furniture, or Reupholster, then adding a slip cover to can give your furniture a facelift.
   The book works around the house, room by room. Great ideas are jam packed into this book. There is even a page on how to decorate your Christmas tree! And, I love the rustic feel to a lot of the pieces she showcases in her photographs.

   Laurie's book comes as a hardcover and is $29.95 but you can always order it through amazon.com for a lower price.  (As of today, you can buy it for $15.)

**I recieved a free copy of At Home With Laurie Ann from AME in order to post a real and honest review**

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