Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Review: Orglamix Mineral Makeup

All Orglamix makeup is made of 100% Pure Minerals.  It is artisan crafted by the maker, Cheri.  You can check out her products on Etsy here, you can follow her on Twitter, and you can also keep up to date on her latest products on Facebook!  Orglamix has tons of colors and products to choose from.

Orglamix has allowed me to review 3 different shades of her eyeshadows, and, let me just say, I love them!  I am a serious makeup junkie, so I have tried everything from the cheaper eyeshadows at Walmart for $1 to the $25 per eyeshadow at Sephora.  I am very picky when it comes to pigmentation.  I like my colors to have lots of pigmentation, it's easier to put on and lasts longer.

I got to review Chocolate Chip, Teak, and Cranberry.

Chocolate Chip



I was very excited to try these colors, and they did not dissapoint.  The pigmentation was great!  In fact, I have to warn you to start with just a little shadow to begin with because the colors are pretty strong.  Make sure you use an eye brush when applying, and also, really make sure that the mineral power is really in the brush or fallout will occur (the shadow will get on your face; falls out of the brush).  The colors themself were great as well.  I am definetly going to recommend Orglamix to all my friends!


**I did not get paid for this post.  I recieved samples of the product so I could write a real and honest review.**


Cecile said...

You girls are are having hair and make-up party... and I wanna come.
Love the pics by the way!

Keisha said...

I agree with the comment above me!

Also I like these looks! They look natural not the bright colors that most girls use