Sunday, March 28, 2010

Review: Twilight Venom by DuWop

     I was really looking forward to trying this product. I really like red, natural, looking lips.  I was so dissapointed. I actually purchased it through Sephora (in store) so I tryed it on when I got in the car. The duwop products are supposed to plump your lips. I have good sized natural lips, and this lip stain actually made my lips smaller than bigger. It was cool and had a nice tingle as well as a nice cinnamon scent, but that's about it for the postive stuff. My lips looked dry and shriveled with the Twilight Venom. You have to swipe the color on very quickly or it will dry in place. The color isn't the best shade of red either. Thankfully, it was crappy enough that the color didn't even stay on. Some stain.. It lasted all of maybe 15 minutes. I really did not like ths product and took it back the same day I bought it.    This stuff really sucked (no pun inteneded).  It was awful.

You might have seen my customer review of this product here on amazon.

**I bought this product of my own will.  No one paid me for this post.  I am posting it at my own wish with my real and honest opinion.**

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