Saturday, August 28, 2010

Calling All Makeup Junkies!!

I love makeup way to much.  I'm serious, I have too much and I don't care.  And, I think I just died and went to hog heaven.

I kid you not when I say this:  As I was browsing this site (looking at the prices) I'm talking to myself (in my head, mind you!) saying 'Oh my god I just died and went to hog heaven.  Oh my god I just died and went to hog heaven.  Oh my god I just died and went to hog heaven.'  And, somewhere in between all the talking to myself I did a happy dance and grinned like a sociopath.

Cutting to the chase, is what I;m so happy about!  They sale MAC makeup, brushes, EVERYTHING at super low and affordable prices.  Better yet, THEY WORK WITH PAYPAL!!! And, you guys know how important that is to me, because I hate using my bank card to buy with unless PayPal is securing it all.

The only downside is they have a flat shipping rate of $20 but that is ok, just buy more so its worth it!! 

Ok, girlies, I have to go now so I can go buy an unbelievable amount of makeup that I shall worship like the sun once it gets here.  Hehe : )

So, I hope you guys check out this site.  I mean, seriously, these prices are like, 'Hells Bells, let me clean my ears so you can say that again' cheap for MAC.

: )

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joder said...

Have fun girl! And feel free to buy some for me. LOL!