Thursday, August 26, 2010

Christmas Shopping & Gift Ideas

Yes, I know we are only in August (even if it is the end of August) but I already have most of my Christmas shopping done this year.  I can just hear those confused and maybe disgusted whys coming my way from all of you who probably even haven't started to think about the upcoming holiday.  Well, the reason for my early shopping (most years I just like to be done before Thanksgiving).  

I wanted to be done early this year because my family and I are planning on going to Disneyland the week before Christmas.  I figure if I get my shopping done with right now, the rest of the 3 months I'll save for my pending vacation instead of waiting and 'oh, no I forgot I need to go spend my vacation planned money on gifts!' kind of thing happening to me.

Ok, so now that I'm done rambling (because this is quite early in the morning for me.  It's not even 5 am California time) let me tell you the reason for this post...

I got an email a few days ago, and then again this morning from LORAC Cosmetics and they have what they call a "VIP Discount" in their online store.  (It you haven't heard of LORAC then know that they are a great brand [this are not your drugstore makeup products] and that you can also find them at Sephora or  The VIP Discount is where they put special products that are on sale and yes, anyone can buy them you don't have to be a "VIP" ; )

The picture above is a snap shot of "Rock the Red Carpet Collection" that can be found in the VIP section.  As you can see it is valued at $100.  It is only $25!!

The picture cut off what is included so I've copy and pasted what you get below:

Bronzed Bombshell Eye Shadow Trio (Sand/Serenity/Bronze)

Mini TANtalizer Baked Bronzer for face and body

Mini Couture Shine Liquid Lipsticks in Haute, Couture, Sheer Luxe, Glam, and Lavish

Purple Croc Makeup bag

They also have for again only $25 SHINING STAR SUMMER SAMPLER SET and with this set you get:Starry Eyed Baked Eye Shadow Trio in Shining Star

On Screen Duo Powder Highlighter & Cream Eye Shadow/Liner in Rich and Famous (Bronze)

Publicity Stunt Lashes 3 Day Long-Wearing Mascara in Black

mini TANtalizer Baked Bronzer

Lip Polish in Kiss


Ok, now let me speak from experience (and my personal opinion) about LORAC products.  I have a Sephora near me and I have bought a few of their products and tried a few others in the Sephora store. 

I have one of their Starry Eyed baked eyeshadow trios in Evening Star (which is $25) and the colors are excellent!  They have high pigmentation, the go on great and with a base they stay on all day long.  Plus, when you use a baked eyeshadow you can use them wet (dampen your brush) to get a more dramatic look or more intense coloration.

I also have 4 of their Couture Shine lip glosses (each are $22)  I have the colors in Couture (which is a Deep Dusty Rose), Lavish (which is my absolute favorite!!  It is a splash of sheer pink with some shine and sparkle), Haute (which is a Bright Pale Pink that reminds me kind of like the Japanese baby doll look going on right now.  very cute and innocent color) and Sheer Luxe (which is a deep Burgandy Wine.  I like the bright red lips but I don't it looks good on my because my lips are too big, so this is a nice alternative color to use.)

Anyways, just wanted to let you guys know about this awesome deal going on and that there are other great products also in the VIP Discount area right now as well, but that (I think) those are the best deals going on right now.  So, I know the products, I know they are great, and I would definitely recommend them as I think I will purchasing them myself!  Also, I just wanted to add that both sets have light colors which would be great for teens and preteens maybe just getting into makeup or just like maybe period.  The colors (as you can see) are all neutrals and can be worn on an everyday basis.

I hope this got you guys in the Christmas-y mood and that it gave you some ideas for your shopping this year!

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