Friday, August 27, 2010

Review: CSN Stores & Hamilton Beach Juicer

I enjoy shopping with CSN stores because it is so easy and they have a nice selection of products with good prices to choose from.  With over 200 stores, you can find almost everything you could ever need or want for around your home on

Juicer's box
When I heard that CSN was letting me so a second review for them, I was excited and went straight onto their website to pick out an item to review.   I ended up choosing the Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor with Cutter / Strainer for only $34.99.  Originally $41.99, this juicer is now on sale, saving you a nice $7.00.

The juicer came already put together in one piece.  However, you are supposed to take it apart when you get it in order to clean the parts before you juice anything.  The box it came in is reusable and great for storing the juicer.  It was packaged good with egg cartons on both the top and bottom of the actually juicer to keep it steady inside it's box.  The juicer's box was also packaged nicely inside a bigger brown box, which it was shipped in.  Nothing was broken or anything during shipment.

Picture from manual showing how the juicer is put together and taken apart.

I blew the picture up (above picture) to show you guys how easy the Hamilton Beach juicer is put together and taken apart.  When I first took it apart, I was nervous that I was going to end up breaking something.  The manual says to pull separate (with the cutter/strainer in it) up.  I tugged, but it didn't release right away and I was nervous that I would tug too hard and break something.  Now I know, however, that a little force is needed to to pull the pieces apart, because at the bottom of the cutter/strainer is a magnet that holds everything together.  The magnet is pretty strong so a little extra force is needed, and not to worry, because nothing will break.

back of juicer
Front of Juicer

You can see from the picture labeled "back of juicer" a large clear plastic container attached to the back of the juicer.  This is where all of the pulp, seeds, peel, etc. collect after being strained.  The the picture labeled "Front of juicer" you can see the spout where the strained juice will flow out of and into a cup.

The pulp bin does have a slight gap between the back of the juicer and where the bin pushes up against it.  That said, some juice will get through that gap and leak onto the counter the juicer is sitting on.  It doesn't make that much of a mess through where I can say that it actually hinders working with the juicer. 

This is the easiest kitchen appliance I have ever cleaned.  Everything is plastic so you just have to rinse everything down with a bit of soap and water, dry it off and your good to go.  Being that you are working with juice, fruits and maybe some veggies, nothing is tough to stick on.  Nothing is there that you need to scrub off afterward.  It is just something to rise off with a bit of soap to insure that ants don't go looking for that sticky and sweet after-substance.

Two days after  I got my email confirmation for the juicer order, I recieved my juicer via UPS.  As an impaitnet person, fast shipping is always wonderful. : )  The juicer is great and I will defintly be using it for many years to come.  CSN was very helpful and nice about the order and, as mentioned above, the shipping was very fast.

**All opinions are 100% my own unless otherwise stated.  I received a free Hamilton Beach Juicer from CSN Stores in order to writre a real and honest review.  I did not get paid for this review.**

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joder said...

I have a gc to use for this store and there are sssooo many things I want. I really need to decide soon because I'm dying to get something new for my apartment. Everyone's had great experiences with them so I hope they stick around for a long time.