Thursday, August 12, 2010

Worst hair cut ever!

My grandma and I went with my little sister today to get her hair cut.  She has some curly/kinky hair that doesn't like to behave.  Anyways, she wanted to get her bangs cut at her eyebrows (straight across) and her hair touching her shoulder. OH MY GOD!!! 

She went to SuperCuts becuase there is some girl there named Stephenie that she likes to cut her hair.  The last 3 times she has went there, she comes out with a not-so-great hair cut, so my grandma and I warned her against going there.  She insisted anyways and got her hair cut there.

IT IS HORRIBLE!!!!  It is 3 inches off her shoulder, the length is up and down (soooo not straight) and her bangs are too long and puffy.  As soon as she got in the car (she's only 10 years old) she started balling over how ugly her hair is.  It's really aweful.  So, I called her when we got home.  I told her it's aweful, that she did a super shitty job and she cut it way too short. And, what does she say?  Well, if you could bring her back in, I could fix it?  Fix it, I said, You can't put her hair back, you can only cut it shorter and you cut it too short already!  She was a super unhelpful snob and I'm super pissed at her right now.  Thankfully, my sister is homeschooled so she won't have to put up with the ridicule of kids right now with her ugly hair do.

I  would have posted a picture, but I'm too afraid to ask her for one in case she starts balling again.  : (  Poor kid.  Anyways.. I just wanted to vent.  So, have any of you guys or girls had a really really bad haircut before?  If so, please share, maybe it will make her feel better. : (

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