Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Review: Brush Set

**I purchased all the mentioned items with my own money.  I did not get paid to write this review.  All opinions are my own.**

I used my new brush set this morning before I headed off to my Human Lifespan class, so I wanted to jot don my thoughts and share them with you guys.

I did a vlog (video blog) of my first impressions of the brushes earlier.  If you missed it, you can watch it here on the blog.  Just a not about the video:  It says in the begining that "This is part 1 of a 2 part vid".  I was going to make a second half about the review itself but I changed my mind when I saw the lighting in my house at this hour...

The big face brush-

It is not dense enough to pick up much foundation.  After one swipe on my cheeks, I immediatly switched back to using my ELF Complexion Brush ($3).

The medium face brush-

  I tried to use this brush as a blush brush as it would have been the perfect size for my cheek area.  Again, not dense enough to actually pick up any color. After struggling to get any blush on my face, I switched back to my Bella Pierre Blush Brush ($29).

The Blush Brush-

I didn't even attempt to use it.  It was so sloppy and loose in it's hairs that it wouldn't distribute the blush in the correct areas.  I can't use this brush for anything else either.

The Eye Brushe(s)-

The set came with a large round (or fluffy) brush, a round brush (just a tad smaller), a mini round brush (it really is mini!), a "definer" brush and a "applicator" brush.

The large brush I used to blend my harsher lines out with.  It did it's job but I wasn't thrilled with it simply because the amount of times I had to go over my eyes to blend it out.  If the brush was denser, it would have worked more efficently. 

The round brush and mini brush I did not use because they are too fluffy and loose to use for eyeshadows without causing a million bits of fallout.  The color would not have been as fibrant with these brushes to apply with either.

I think the definer and applicator brushes will be best used for either applying eyeliner or smudging out eyeliner.  I did neither today because I did not wear eyeliner, so I cannot say for sure.  However, they are not thick, and I have a wonderful maybeline liner brush that came with a eyeliner pot I bought.  That said, I will not be using these.

The fan brush-

This brush is probably one of the worst in the set.  It is so incredibly thin, it cannot sweep away any fallout (which is it's job)  I sat in front of the mirror for a good 3 minutes trying to brush away a few specks of fine glittery shadow and they were not going to budge with that awful fan brush.

The lip brush-

The good brush.  The one I cannot say is horrible. 

The brow and mascara wand brushes-

I already have a brow brush (which I barely use) so I ignored it and went to the mascara wand.  I used it to make sure my brows were even.  This is my favorite brush!  It is nice and stiff, making sure to catch onto all the little brow hairs and make them listen.

So.. 16 brushes, and only 2 are good.  That's a good buy, huh?  I am wishing I had read my own review before I bought the set, but, of course, I couldn't.  That said, I hope it helps someone else make the decision of what brush set to buy.

I am not going to chance buying some crappy brushes, again.  So, this time, I'm going to order some MAC brushes so I know what I am going to get.  I will probably order them in a couple weeks, then in a couple more weeks I'll get them in the mail, squeal like a kid on Christmas morning, use them, then write up another review.

Overall, 0/10

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