Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shopping and All its Glory

I'm pretty sure that just about every woman on the planet (and most men too) love to shop.  I know I do.  However, shopping gets better when you equal one thing into the equation.  Your vacation.  Now it's not just shopping for something great, it's shopping for things you can use and wear on your vacation, that only points you to more fun and amazing times.  Of course, when going vacationing, you will need some luggage as well.

My family and I are planning on going to Disneyland in December, and I am really looking forward to it!  But, I know that before I can pack and get ready to go, I need to be prepared for my vacation.  That means getting all the necessary items like clothing, comfortable shoes, luggage, etc.  We are going to be there for 4 days, which means I need to pack quite a bit of stuff!  Which means that I need to get a  good sized suitcase.  So, I naturally want to head to CSN stores to get one. 

I love that they have (matching, of course) sets that you can buy!  For a shorter trip like this, my whole family could grab one of the bags and pack away, or, I could use a smaller case for all my makeup and a bigger one for all my clothing. 

CSN's products are high quality, so I know I wouldn't have to worry about my luggage breaking halfway through the trip, or a handle busting as I'm trying to pick up an especially heavy bag.  I can feel relaxed (and excited!) the whole 7 hours there that my personal belongings are safe and know that when I get to my destination, that nothing was left behind or damaged.

I cannot wait for my vacation, and until I pack up the car and be along my merry way, CSN stores will be there for me, helping me pick out all the things I need to make my vacation even more magical. : )

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