Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Grocery Escapades

Guest post of the week by Jeffry Warren

Unlike most mothers I love to go shopping for groceries! I can honestly say that it is the highlight of my week, well, besides my husband's days off from work.
Some people say I get too involved with shopping for groceries. To save money and stay within my budget I clip coupons. I have found that http://www.couponsuzy.com/ is a wonderful website for coupons. Another way I make sure i stay within our monthly grocery budget is by making a list of the things I need in the aisle they are located in the order in which my two children and I will walk.
I do my grocery shopping once a week, usually on a Thursday. I pack my two young children up, set my Security Choice home security alarm, grab my itemized list and head out the door. Although Walmart will typically have good deals on their roll back prices, I tend to find that I can get the best deals at Market Basket. While at Market Basket I get all of my groceries. Later on in the evening, my husband and I will grab a babysitter and go to Walmart for our personal needs such as toothpaste and deodorant. We will also go to Sam's Club for gas (the obvious) and for toilet paper, diapers and wipes. I can honestly say the membership fee is worth it for the discount on diapers we get!
So I know most moms these days dread having to pack up their children and hit the grocery store, but I can't help but to think of grocery shopping as a relief and a break from all of the housework!

**This was a sponsored post.  I received a small fee for the posting of this.  As this is a guest post, as mentioned above, nothing mentioned or said is of my opinion or knowledge.**

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