Sunday, August 15, 2010

Review: CSN stores

CSN stores has over  200 online stores to keep you and your lifestyle happy.  They offer clothes, furniture, cookware, toys, electronics, home decor, house ware, outdoor living, and so much more it makes my head spin with the possibilities.

This is my first time working with CSN stores.  I had not previously purchased anything through them, but I know for a fact that in the future, I am going to.  A big thing for me when buying online is PayPal.  I use it for almost everything, and if an online store doesn't take PayPal, I usually don't buy from them.  It's a connivance thing.  It's a safety thing.  And, CSN stores works with PayPal!  This is part of the reason I know I will be buying from them again.

I was lucky enough to be able to pick out an item of my choice to help me review CSN stores and their products.   I chose the Ginsu Bakelite 8 Piece Cutlery Set.  It is originally $44.99 but is on sale for $24.95.  With shipping and handling, this product was only $32.90. 

32 dollars and 90 cents,can you believe that?!  I was amazed at how much you can get at such a low price.  In the Cutlery Set you get one each of the following:

•Chef's Knife

•Bread Knife

•Santoku Knife

•Boning Knife

•Utility Knife

•Paring Knife

•Kitchen Shears

•Black Hardwood Storage Block
What I really like about the product, besides the ease of quality of using these knifes, is how it is packaged.  The storage box is bubble wrapped to make sure it doesn't get chipped or damaged during shipping.  All the knifes, plus the kitchen shears, are in a small separate cardboard box away from the storage block.  In the separate box, all the knifes and the shears have individual coverings to protect not only the other items, but also itself in the move.  It really is packaged nicely, and is perfect for gift giving if someone just got a new house or got married. It is a present that says 'This is a high quality gift to make you feel loved/cared for by me' without spending the big bucks.

The knife set is really nice!  My mom always says 'you can never have too many good paring knifes' and she's right.  The paring knife is one of my favorite and most used knifes in the set.  (It's my favorite because I use it so much and for just about everything!)  The blades are all high-carbon, Japanese stainless steel.  And, according to the CSN website, the knife set comes with a lifetime warranty!

CSN was fast about shipping their products out, which is always a plus whether you are buying for yourself and just want your new toys now, or if you are buying for another person and need your gift by a certain date. 

Another thing I like about CSN stores is that they offer gift certificates.  So, if you want to get your friend/family member a gift but don't know what to buy him or her, then you can always grab a gift card for them!  I think this is perfect for parents or grandparents who have a grandchild/child moving out of their parents house into their very own first place.  If they want to surprise them with a home welcoming gift but don't know what they already have bought.  Obviously, you don't want to ask if you want it to be a nice surprise, so you can just get a gift card (which is still a nice surprise) and they can get whatever it is they might now need for their new home.   This is also a great idea for all those kids going off to college now.  Maybe they need a spatula, or a mini fridge or microwave.  You can either get them a great gift or the gift of a gift certificate.

**I did not get paid for this post.  I recieved a complentary knife set in order to write a real and honest review.  All opinions are 100% my own unless otherwise stated.**

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