Monday, August 30, 2010

Th@t! Ad Agency

The first thing I noticed when I visited the Advertising Agency website for Th@t! Ad Agency, is that the graphics are very eye catching.  They do not over well, nor do they scare me with wild and noisy pictures or designs.  Nope, they are just pleasing to the eye with dark blue hues and a YouTube video about their site placed on the front page to allow a super quick run through of the site.

The video is just 1 minute and 46 seconds long. A nice length, if I do say so myself. I just hate when I try to watch videos, yet they are really long and droning on about something and I just up losing interest. By keeping the video short and sweet, they are allowing the watcher to actually remember what they are watching, which is great.

Th@t! Advertising Agency wants one thing and one thing only, according to their web page. Happy clients. They believe that happy clients equal busy clients, and I do believe that they are, in fact, correct there with their theory.

I cannot say this any better than Th@t! Advertising Agency did, so I must quote them here with I say that “We were born digital” meaning that Th@t! is an agency that knows the computer, they know the internet, how to navigate it, how to rule it and how to own it. They are a new kind of ad agency, the kind that is truly digital. They know the trends, what the people want to see, what will bring traffic and business, and, they know how the right way to sell your company and your company’s beliefs.

**I did not use Th@t! Ad Agency's services.  This is a sponsored post.  I did recieve a small fee for posting this.  All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.**

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