Friday, April 2, 2010

I have a question!!

Ok, so I am getting super tired lately about having to track down email addresses for non-blog followers to let them know that I will delete their giveaway entries if they do not become blog followers.  I have posted reminders, and to no prevail.  I'm a bit at wits end today, and I am seriously considering clicking that lovely little "head-ache go away" button that says "only blog followers can comment".  Should I???  I don't want to take that extreame of measures, people should be able to coment on posts without having to follow me.  But, when I do giveaways, being a blog follower is one of my rules.  What should I do?  I need some advice, so please, lay it on me.


Cecile said...

i know i am gong to sound rude probably... but it is your blog honey.... you have to do what is best for you. what kinda rubs me the wrong way is that we have giveaways (even the ones i enter)... why do we have to track people down.... if they are entering - shouldn't they follow the announce winner day, lol.

whatever you do honey.. stick to your guns. know you might upset some people... but i mean come on.. how hard it is to follow... lol!

i will keep a watch on this post.
happy easter honey!

CallMeKayla said...

Thanks for your input Cecile!

Rebecca O said...

I wouldn't track people down to tell them they need to be followers to comment for giveaways. I would just delete their entries. They either: didn't read the rules all the way through, didn't understand the rules, or just have a total lack of respect for someone (you) and don't really care that you make the rules and they should follow them. If they care enough to take the time to enter the giveaways, they should care enough to be a follower...especially when it is a rule to enter in the first place. I do understand when it is an honest mistake and you though you were following a blog...but for the rest of them, they are just taking advantage of you and the sponsor. If they really want to win and notice that their comments are not showing up, they should email you to find out why...and you should kindly tell them that they need to be a follower and until then, you will continue to delete comments that do not follow the rules as stated.
As far as comments on regular posts go, I would leave it open to anyone.
Anyway....those are just my opinions. :) And what I would do, should I ever be in your situation.
Hope you figure out a solution. :)

Christina said...

Hi Kayla - as you can see, I really tried, and I was IN MY ACCOUNT (google) reading your post that brought me here to your site. I really didn't know, initially, that you could follow if you weren't blogging. I don't know what happened the first time when it didn't work, but it should have worked by now and you have me on record, right? Thanks and let me know, Christina -

CallMeKayla said...

It's ok Christina! I'm not singling out anyone with this post hun, I've just been having a lot of issues with people not following giveaway rules lately.

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Kayla, you won my March contest on Romanceing The Desert, Sheikh Books....Kim Lawrence book.

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Blogicious said...

I have the same problem! Personally, I think you should just let only blog followers comment. I think I will do that, too. I'm doing my first ever giveaway. I have had 16 people enter. The mandatory entry is that they must follow me via google friend connect. Only 10 out of the 16 people have. I even told those people and one person was extremely rude to me. I am giving these people opportunities to win something. They should be able to read the directions! Plus, if non-followers try to comment and see that they must be a follower to comment, they might become one. It takes like 5 seconds. Hope i helped,

bookaddict4real said...

I agree with Rebecca on this one
I think that you should allow people to comment but if you've made it a rule to be a follower
I think you should delete non-followers if they leave a comment on a giveaway. You shouldn't have
to track anyone down to give them something. Maybe allow 48 hours
to respond and if they dont pick another winner . but it's your blog it's up to you