Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Review: This is Why You're Fat by Jackie Warner

This is Why You’re Fat is by Jackie Warner, a no-nonsense celebrity fitness trainer.

Jackie says that no food is off limits! That with her program, you will actually be adding food to your diet in order to lose weight. She also says that it is ok to cheat. That if you eat within your dieting range during the week, and then you can indulge in whatever you want over the weekend! Jackie also says that it is not fats that is the enemy, but sugars. She says that with her program, you can learn to control your sweet tooth.

This is Why You’re Fat’s first three chapters tell you why you’re fat. It explains the chemistry, the sugar problem, and the 3 organs in the human body that can make you either skinny or fat. The second part of the book (chapters 4-6) tell you about Jackie’s 2 week Jump Start program that can help get you and your body on the right track. And, then part 3 (chapters 7-10) teaches you about the exercises you should do to stay healthy and fit.

I like the book tells you to keep a food journal and an exercise log. When I keep a food journal, it really helps me to keep track of my intake numbers. It is really amazing how the calories, fats, and sugars add up. Actually looking at the back of food packets, it can amaze you with how much some of the regular foods we eat are worth in fats and sugars.

Easy to read, and easy to understand.  If you want to lose weight, you might want to try this program out!

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