Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Review: The Autism Book by Robert Sears, MD.

"Autism" is a scary word for any parent. It means that your child is different, in a non-healthy way. All children should be able to be healthy, and The Autism Book helps parents identify the issue if it is autism) and help their child recover. Yes, recover. There is no official "cure" to autism, but children can get better. There are many steps a women can take to prevent their unborn child from becoming autistic. There are also steps that a child can go through to help lessen the effects of autism and to live a relatively normal life.

The first part of Sears’s book tells parents how to identify whether oor not their child has autism. It covers the symptoms, the screening process, and referrals to specials who deal with autistic children. It goes over the causes of autism and the testing process the children go through.

A large portion of the book goes over how to go about treating autism. This includes, but is not limited to, specific therapies the child can undergo, medicines, biomedical medicines, diet changes, vitamins and supplements, and Sears’s own 10-step program; all of which he covers in detail. Sears’s also shares 5 short stories about 5 young children he has personally worked with that deal with autism and how the steps thy are taking with their parents are drastically changing them for the better.

Dealing with autistic children is a grueling experience. Your emotions can go on a full blown rollercoaster when you watch your innocent young child go through a hard face. Sears tells mothers in his book what they can do to prevent autism. There are simple things women can do while pregnant that can save their child from having to face this challenging lifestyle. While early detection can minimize the disease, why not bypass it all together? Avoiding sunlight, mercury (in fish, etc), being careful to avoid Vitamin D deficiency, and “going green” with your food (avoiding foods with growth chemicals) can all prevent autism. Sears goes into detail about all of these things. Once your child is born, limiting the amount of antibiotics they receive and being careful with the vaccines they receive is important. As is, identifying and fixing any food allergies early on, and, taking chronic loose stool samples seriously.

Robert Sears’s definition of recovery of autism is that a child loses the diagnosis of “autism” and that he/she improves to such a degree that he/she no longer fit’s the criteria of autism. Doesn’t everyone want healthy children? If my (future) children are ever so unfortunate to be diagnosed with autism, I would try everything in my power to cure them. If you even have an inkling that your child, or a child you might even know, might become diagnosed with autism, buy this book. Learn the signs and put your child through treatment before it’s too late for certain aspects and much heartbreak to be reversed.

**I received a complementary copy of this book in order to write a real and honest review. I did not get paid for this post. All opinions are my own, unless otherwise stated.**

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