Sunday, April 18, 2010

Review: Crazy Dog Tees

From novelty t-shirts and crazy offensive t-shirts, to just plain funny shirts, Crazy Dog Tees has it all. They offer the best funny t-shirts, unique novelty t-shirts and stylish cool t-shirt designs. You can also buy vintage funny t-shirts online from theor HUGE selection of funny t-shirts!

Bill, at Crazy Dog Tees, has been super nice and agreed to send out a shirt from both Crazy Dog Tees, and Nacho Mama tees (their sister site) for me to review.  From Crazy Dog Tees, I chose the Leprechaun tee.  Take a look at how cute it is:

It is a great material for summer, suuper light weight.  The sleeves are not capped, which I like, but not too long either.  Just a perfect length for a feminine tee.  Really soft material too.  The picture above does not do the color of the shirt justice.  It is way more vibrant.  Here is a better picture of the tee's color:

The shirt is womens. No unisex shirts here, so the fit is great; curve hugging goodness.  I hate when I order shirts and they don't fit the way I want shirts to fit.  Then you have to go through the whole send-the-item-back-and-wait-for-what-feels-like-forever deal.  It's just a big unwanted hassle.  But, these shirts fit great.  As long as you look as the size chart and make sure you properly measure yourself, there is nothing to worry about.

The shipping was fast.  At first, there was a small mix up with the mailing and I did not receive the shirts.  When I inquired about this, they apologized, saying the order got mixed up and that they would send them out.  It was no biggie.  The shirts got to me in about 3 days after that!  Talk about fast service. 

I will definitely be ordering from them again.  And, I hope when I do, that I do not go overboard with the spending!  Their shirts are well priced, ranging from $15 to $26.  They also carry pjs as well as shirts for men, children and dogs (It is called Crazy Dog!!)  Their shirts are a great idea for holiday gifts, gag gifts, or just an ordinary hey-you-need-clothes kind of thing.  Funny, modern, well fitting, made out of a comfortable material, and affordable.. Yep, I really like this company. :)

Have any of you guys tried Crazy Dog's products before?  If so, how did you like them?  If not, what is your favorite shirt from them? 

**I received a complementary t-shirt from Crazy Dog Tees in order to write a real and honest review. I did not get paid for this post. All opinions are my own, unless otherwise stated.**

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