Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Review: The Pocket Therapist by Therese Borchard

Whenever Therese Borchard was weathering a personal storm, and help was nowhere to be found, her one guiding light was the question, "What would a therapist say?" The result was a sort of therapy scrapbook for rough days--a quick reference for anyone who needs a dose of encouragement, support and tried and true ways to cope.
The Pocket Therapist is a compact and accessible guide filled with techniques and advice to help combat everything from addictive behavior to negative thinking.
I have read one other book by Borchard, Beyond Blue.  It is was a well written book that held meaning, life stories and helpful ways to get yourself out of the deepest of depression.  The Pocket Therapist was a lot like Beyond Blue.  It held humor in the darkest of emotions, making you feel better about the bad things and feelings you have, drawing out your humor in a rotten situation.  Borchard's new book holds great tips for anyone and everyone who needs a little pick-me-up in the selfhelp section.  This is one book I think I might just have to keep in my perment library.  That's right, no sharing this book, I'm keeping it by my my side.
What do you guys think about therapy and therapists?  Have you ever went to one, do you it helps, do you think it is pointless?  Leave me a comment and let me know!


CallMeKayla said...

Linda Kish said

"I see my therapist every 2-3 months. I think they are a good thing."

Linda- you did not put your comment on the correct opst so I moved it for you or your entries would not have counted.

Phyllis said...

I think this book is better than a therapist because it is always there when you need it 24/7.