Sunday, April 18, 2010

Review: Nacho Mama Tees

Nacho Mama Tees is the sister site to Crazy Dog Tees.  They offer both mens and womens shirts.  Nacho Mama Tees sells offensive tees, funny tees, cheap shirts, 80s shirts, cool shirts, movie shirts, and vintage shirts.

Their cheap shirts are the tees that are on sale.  They seemingly all range at $14.44 and vary in catagory.  Some are offensive, some are funny, etc.

Their funny tees are outrageously hilarious.  Don't believe me?  Check out the funny tees page here and go laugh your ass off at some of these shirts.

Have I mentioned they also have hoodies?  Yep, they do!  They are made out of 100% cotton and only $17 bucks your hard earned cash will get you one of these hoodies (plus shipping and handling obviously..). 

Nacho Mama Tees sent me the Paddy's Pub shirt to review.  It is actually a men's shirt, but the sleeves are not overly long, so I can pull it off as an everyday shirt for myself.  It's super soft, and just incredibly cute!  It also runs at only $21 in case you want to pick one up for yourself, a friend, or your boyfriend, etc.  Here is what my tee looks like:

Even though this is a mens shirt, it does not have an exsessivly boxy cut to it.  The sleeves don't fall to my elbows, etc.  You girls know what I mean!  Don't you hate when shirts just look manly on you?  Nacho Mama's tee, while it is a men's tee, and will look like a men's tee on a man, can also be wore by a woman without it looking to big.  (Obviously just get a size or two smaller than you would if it were a woman's shirt you were ordering.  I received my shirt one size smaller than I would normally get, and it fits great.) 

**I received a complementary shirt from Nacho Mama Tees in order to write a real and honest review. I did not get paid for this post. All opinions are my own, unless otherwise stated.**

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