Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Ok, I didn't feel like re-starting my computer, so I only have one set of pictures ( and comment).  For whatever reason, my SnapShot application sometimes doesn't like to work.. Anyways, winners for I Has A Hotdog and QACreate:

  #17 misskallie2000 
#31 Darcie K.
#8 Simply Stacie

QACreate winner:

Congrats ladies!

Linda, I just emailed you.  Everyone else- I'm about to email you as soon as I post this. You will each need to send me your full name and mailing address. Linda- you will also need to tell me what letter you would like to recieve on your ring.  Thanks to everyone who enetered the giveaways, and to QACreate and to Hachette for allowing me to host these awesome giveaways.  You guys rock!


misskallie2000 said...

YAY!!! I won I Has A Hotdog.!!!
Thank you so much.

Congrats to the other winners.

Anonymous said...

Congrats winners!